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Nitro PDF Professional v7 3 1 6

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Programas Nitro PDF Professional v7 3 1 6

Datos Técnicos
Nitro PDF Professional v7.3.1.6
46 MB | English | 32 Bits & 64 Bits | NFO
Cree y Edite Archivos PDF Facilmente

Como habrás podido comprobar, no hay muchos programas para la visualización de archivos PDF. Y si hay pocos visualizadores, aún hay menos programas de edición y creación de este famoso tipo de archivos. Hoy te presentamos uno más.
Nitro PDF es una aplicación de creación, edición y visualización de archivos PDF que destaca por su facilidad de uso y su espectacular interfaz.
Su aspecto está cuidado hasta el último detalle, lo que hace más agradable el trabajo con esta herramienta.
Permite crear nuevos PDF a partir de otros archivos de texto o imágenes, y su editor contiene un buen número de utilidades para componer tu documento PDF de la manera más cómoda posible.
Todas estas opciones hacen de Nitro PDF una aplicación muy a tener en cuenta.

Desktops: Windows® XP, Vista, 7 (x64 editions supported)
Servers: Windows® Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 (Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp/Access Essentials configurations supported)
For more on server-side deployment, check out the Citrix and Terminal Server software page.
Processor: Pentium® 4 processor or equivalent
RAM: 1GB system memory
Space: 300 MB of available hard drive space
Display: 1024×768 screen resolution
Installer size: 24 MB
Installation Footprint: 200 MB
Microsoft Office 2003 or newer (required for Microsoft Office integrated features)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or above)
Lo Nuevo de Esta Versión
What’s new in Nitro Pro 7?
Two years in the making, Nitro Pro 7 is faster, stronger, more reliable, easier to use, and packed with a bunch of essential new features. Read on to find out more.

Better display of almost every file

Nitro Pro 7 comes with our all-new rendering engine — the technology that draws and displays content onscreen, focusing on improved clarity and faster display of different document types. The most obvious highlights include:
Text clarity. Text renders crisper and more clearly than before, especially at lower magnification levels. Simply compare Nitro Pro 6 and Nitro Pro 7 side-by-side to see just how significant the improvements are.
Smoother zooming and navigating. Changing magnification levels and moving between pages delivers a more fluid, paper-like experience with seamless transition.
Displaying complex drawings. Users of graphically intensive files like layered artwork or CAD plans and drawings will notice speed improvements of more than 500% alongside with drastically improved clarity.
Support for Optional Content Group (OCG) Layers. Display and switch OCG layers on or off when working with architectural plans or multiple languages.

Smarter text editing

The latest text editing features further minimize the need to return to original source files or export PDF files back to Microsoft Word to make major changes.

Full in-line paragraph editing. Do more than simple word or typo corrections. Support for automatic text reflow across lines and paragraphs, allows you to correct, replace, resize, and reposition entire paragraphs.
Editable header, footers, watermarks and more. Smarter headers, footers, and watermarks are as easy to add, as they are to remove.

Permanently remove sensitive information with redaction tools

Easily remove sensitive and confidential information from your PDF files and have peace-of-mind that all underlying content has been permanently removed.

Redact anything. You can permanently remove text, numbers, images, illustrations, and metadata (such as author name) from your documents.
Streamlined redaction. Use the intelligent Search and Redact tool to quickly find all instances of a word or text string – like a Social Security or account number – then easily remove them one-by-one or in batch.
Collaborative redaction. Mark content for possible redaction and share files with colleagues for final approval

Streamlined signatures, sign-off, and forms

With new form-filling and approval-related tools in Nitro Pro 7, it now takes a fraction of the time to complete and sign-off on forms, documents, agreements, and more

Electronically sign more easily than ever before using QuickSign™. Lets you say goodbye to the frustrating print-sign-scan-send workflow. Now you have the ability to easily stamp your handwritten signature with the click of a button.
Fill any kind of form, faster. You’ve always been able to fill PDF forms, but Nitro Pro 7’s Type Text tool, allows you to type anywhere on a page, regardless of whether live fields are present. Go ahead and fill, sign, and submit either static or scanned forms.
One-click digital signature profiles. If you’re a regular user of formal digital signatures (with 1024-bit encryption and digital ID’s) Nitro Pro 7’s Digital Signature Profile feature will save you hours — simply set up your personal profile and apply true digital signatures with a single click.
XFA form support. Fill in and submit static XFA forms as well as AcroForms.

Ready for enterprise

Nitro Pro 7 makes site-wide or workgroup deployment easier than ever before. New tools automate license management and roll out, as well as integration with existing Document Management Systems.

Simple sitewide deployment and management. New wizard-based Enterprise Deployment Utility eliminates the need to fumble around with configuration files and documentation or having endless IT resources behind you.
Industry-standard DMS support. Integrate with popular document management systems (DMS), including SharePoint®, Hummingbird®, iManage®, and Worldox®.

Dynamic and custom stamps
Expedite digital workflows with intuitive time-based approval stamps, customized digital signature profiles, and QuickSign™, the fastest way to sidestep the “print, sign, scan, send” tedium.

Dynamic Stamps. Create custom stamps that auto-populate with relevant information — time, date, location, user, and more — to track approval and sign-off as it happens.

Enhanced windows- and browser-based previewing

Nitro Pro 7 integrates right into Windows, Outlook, and Web browsers, making it easier to quickly view PDF content where you need to, without switching applications.

Web browser support. View PDF files directly in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
Microsoft Outlook integration. Preview PDF files in your inbox before you open Nitro Pro.
Microsoft Windows integration. Preview PDF files in Windows Explorer’s preview pane.
Thumbnail document previews. Display PDF files on your computer as thumbnail-size document previews, instead of static PDF file icons. 1

A new level of performance and reliability

Nitro Pro 7 is not just about its fancy new features, it’s about releasing a product that works much better. The new Pro includes massive performance boosts, as well as the eradication of 1200+ bugs.